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The Megapulse filter unit is required only if the pulse noise of Megapulse causes interference with equipment connected to the battery system.   Normally, a filter is not required.   The filter has a 30A maximum current limitation   (50A for up to 15 seconds).   The filter works with all Megapulse models, from 6v to 48v.

In the case of some smart chargers, the pulse noise may affect the voltage-monitoring logic of the charger resulting in over or under charge.   With some electric vehicles, the battery monitoring control logic may determine a fault condition due to the pulse noise preventing normal operation.   gcarti(type: gif)

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The box contains a short-form user guide, which can also be downloaded pdf(type: gif) here.   It comes with a 5-year warranty, and the price includes South African VAT and shipping within South Africa.

Enquiries from outside South Africa should be directed to the sales department