megaintro(type: gif)


mk5icon(type: gif)
Megapulse Mk.5

Qty: R2967.00
gcarti2(type: gif)Mk.5 ClubCar kit
Precedent 48v

Qty: R3007.00
gcarti2(type: gif)Mk.5 ClubCar kit
PowerDrive 48v

Qty: R3620.00
gcarti2(type: gif)Mk.5 EZGO kit
TXT 36v

Qty: R3007.00
gcarti2(type: gif)Mk.5 EZGO kit
RXV 48v

Qty: R3007.00
gcarti2(type: gif)Mk.5 Yamaha kit
Yamaha 48v

Qty: R3114.00

megafcon(type: gif)
Filter (6-48v)

Qty: R534.00


25% off

cars, trucks, buses
solar, UPS, alarms,
Treat your batteries!

25% off

golf cars, fork-lifts
marine, aircraft

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